Please call (405) 920-6400 for exclusive timeslots using our party room

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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Graduations, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties! Celebrate with us for ANY reason! Create amazing memories that your group will never forget. Our large party room is awesome!

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Divorce Parties, Break Ups, Trash the Dress! What better way to get over your ex? Smash those memories away, along with all the physical & emotional things that came with it! You'll feel soooo much better.

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Team Building Activities, Employee Rewards, Client Relationships! Engage your team, form cohesiveness and show your appreciation! Create SM brand content or come to wow your clients.


A non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon confirmation of your celebration. Rescheduling is allowed, however future dates are not guaranteed as we book out in advance. You may arrive to decorate or setup 30 minutes prior to your event. Each guest will need to sign a waiver of liability prior to participating in any activity. You may bring in or have delivered any food items, as we have no limitations on that. Break Room 405 is not responsible for food management, setup or any issues associated with food or beverages transported by guests or catering companies into our facility. Ice chests are permitted with sodas, juice and water. Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited. NO confetti, poppers, silly string, glitter, water balloons or pinatas allowed.

We will be confirming a final head count either the day before or morning of your event. That head count is the number of guests that we will prepare for and the base number that you will be paying for. Additional guests or add-on purchases on the day of the event will be added to your total and closed out at the end of the party. If your Party Coordinator gave you a great experience, tips are appreciated.

Each package includes:

  • Your own party coordinator to lead activities and clean up
  • Review of rules and safe practices for use of the facility
  • Party room with tables, chairs, storage cubbies and basic white party tableware
  • Bottled waters and fresh popcorn
  • Splatter Plastic Coverings: ponchos, shower caps, shoe covers
  • Break Room Safety Gear: coveralls, helmets, gloves, ear plugs, shoe covers
  • Signing your name on the Break Room Wall of Fame
  • Endless opportunities for unforgettable photos and videos
  • Availability to purchase add-ons to enhance your experience

Splatter Room Party

$26/per person; 1 hour, 30 min (30 min activity first, followed by 1 hour party room)
All ages welcome!
Participants: Min 5, Max 20 - overflow paint room could be used for over 14 guests

SPLATTER ROOMS - Large Room holds 14; Small Room holds 6 (overflow)

Jam out to your favorite party playlist while you splatter neon paints under the disco ball, black lights and laser beams! Each person will receive a 9x12 canvas, 3 neon paint bottles, paint supplies, eye protection, optional clothing/shoe/hair coverings and a protective box to take home your artwork. The Party V.I.P. will receive an additional large 11x17 canvas + the option to choose from 2 glitter tubes -or- a canvas for friends to sign. Additional paint bottles, canvases, glitter tubes, splatter balls, flip-flops, white t-shirts and white hats are available for purchase to enhance your experience!

Our paint is a water-based, non-toxic washable tempura and will wash off of skin, hair and clothes. Small baggies are provided for wet clothes along with plastic seat covers for the ride home. To keep the color in your clothes (recommended: LOCTITE High Performance 200 adhesive, let fully dry before spraying; then allow 24 hours to cure). Shoes are required in and outside of the splatter area.

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Break Room Party

$38/per person; 1 hour, 30 min (30 min activity first, followed by 1 hour party room)
Ages 12+ (no exceptions; strictly followed for liability)
Participants: Min 5, Max 12 - overflow rooms could be used for over 7 guests

BREAK ROOMS - Large Room holds 7, Medium Room 5 (overflow)

Rock out to your playlist, while you absolutely annihilate breakable items in a safe environment, with no clean up or consequences! Each person gets a crate of glass, bottles, dishes and electronics, a variety of destruction tools, coveralls, gloves, safety helmets, face shields and shoe coverings. The Party V.I.P. will receive: 1 extra electronic to smash and the choice between 1 BS plate -or- a canvas for your friends to sign. You may purchase additional glass, bottles and electronics for the most amazing content to capture!

Closed toe shoes are required for participation. Hard soles recommended! Please wear comfortable clothes (recommended: short sleeve shirts) as it can get warm inside of our coveralls. Coveralls are sized from Small to 7X. If you feel that you could need a more comfortable fit for size, please wear long sleeves and jeans as an alternative.


Break & Splatter Party

$60/per person; 2 hours
(30 min break room, 30 min splatter room, followed by 1 hour party room)
Ages 12+ (no exceptions; strictly followed for liability)
Participants: Min 5, Max 12 - overflow rooms could be used for over 7 guests

BREAK ROOMS - Large Room holds 7, Medium Room 5 (overflow)
SPLATTER ROOMS- Large Room holds 14

Rock out and destroy a room full of breakable items, relieve some stress and leave the room with a huge smile on your face. Then go jam out to your party playlist while you splatter neon paints on your friends under the black lights and laser beams. This is an awesome combo of 2 experiences where all information above is included! It is truly the BEST of both worlds.