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Rage Room

Why Your Next Weekend Hangout Should Be At A Rage Room?

There is a lot in the world to be angry about. The bone-grinding clutches of capitalism and the patriarchy that refuses to budge no matter how much you rage against it. Especially now more than ever, when people are still struggling to cope with the jarring cadence of life amidst the Covid pandemic, healthy stress…

Rage Rooms Are in Rage! Know All About Them Here.

The iconic smashing scene from Sex Education is a powerful display of female rage and was an instant fan favorite. God knows we have all wanted to have a main character moment like that, didn’t we? Well, have you considered rage rooms? They help you to let go of emotions you can’t seem to ditch….

The Attraction of Rage Room- The Facts

We often share our feelings casually in our close friend circle. We may tell our friends that we can’t take it anymore, we are so frustrated, angry right now, feeling dizzy or don’t want to communicate with others or can’t relate ourselves with this world anymore or so on! Everybody laughs and tells funny things…