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How to Play Outdoor Splatter Painting with Kids?

Painting is one of the fun activities for the kids and it is fun since splatter painting involves messy activities. You can play splatter painting since it is versatile and anyone can do it without any hassle. All you need is a small or big canvas or even cardboards will do. Along with that, you will need watercolors, acrylic, or tempera colors. The game can be played with toddlers, adults, or even with preschoolers. Let us see how you can play following the instructions of the splatter paint party.

Create a Setup So That You Can Do the Mess

If you are playing outside, all you need to do is put the paper on the ground and play as you like. Never think of following the same rules if you are doing it inside your house. Make sure that you are following certain rules and regulations while you are playing it inside. If you are playing it outside, you won’t need any rules to follow.

Use Paint in Different Colors

When it comes to choosing paint, make sure that you are choosing kid-friendly washable colors or any inexpensive craft paints. Also, if you are concerned about colors ruining your cloth, it is better to opt for washable paint. Similarly, if you need a large variety of colors, it is better to use craft paint. In case your kids are older, you no longer have to worry about ruining the clothes.

Begin With the Splatter Paint

Splatter Paint

Once everything is arranged, you can begin with the splatter paint party. All you need to do is splatter the paint, flick your wrist and you will be done. Kids really enjoy these kinds of parties since it is fun and involves no techniques for painting. All you need to do is dip the brush and start splattering the paint as you want.

Use Bigger Paint Brushes

Using large paintbrushes will ensure that the color blobs are bigger. However, smaller paint brushes will do the work as well. Moreover, with the bigger paintbrushes, it is easy to throw the colors.

Use Plastic or Reusable Painting Palette

If you want this to happen again and again, it is better to invest in reusable paint palettes. Alternatively, if you want this as a one-time fun activity, it is better to invest in plastic pint palettes.

Want to Arrange An Outdoor Splatter Paint Party?

Arranging an outdoor splatter paint party is fun. If you want to indulge in the fun activity of an outdoor splatter paint party, you can come to Breakroom 405. We arrange outstanding paint parties.