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Here is How You Can Make DIY Splatter Paint Decorations

If you want to have fun with some paint, nothing is better than DIY Splatter paint decoration. Well, the end result of it is definitely satisfying. All you need is a great outdoor space where the spaces are well protected since the paint can move everywhere. Moreover, if you are planning for great splatter party ideas, then these decoration ideas can come in handy.

DIY Splatter Paint Decorations


Party Decorations

When your guests will come, make sure to greet them with a cute sign on the entrance. You can hang a board writing ‘splash zone’. This sign will warn everyone of messy fun inside. You can use a piece of cardboard designed with various colors splashed onto it.

Next, comes the other variations that you can use including table decorations. For that, you will need wooden beads, skewers, paint brushes, acrylic colors (black and gold), white spray paint, and twine.

Step 1- Put the beads into the skewers, line them up on foil where you won’t mind getting colors all over. A foil tray is the best option since it will keep the beads elevated. Also, you won’t have to worry about messing the ground or painting the other side of the beads. Once you have arranged the beads, you can use acrylic spray paints. The reason behind this is for splatter paint parties, you must decorate a lot of things, and spray paint does the work more quickly.

Step 2- Make sure to dry your beads before splattering them with paint. Take a good amount of paint on the brush and you must flick it side to side on the beads. Once again, you have to take extra care about the fact that things can get really messy while doing this. It is better if you cover your walls with plastic all over to prevent them from getting messy. You can use as many colors as you want. After you are done, leave the beads for drying.

Step 3- If you want to make napkin rings for a splatter paint party, thread the beads on the twine. Make sure that the ring is lengthy enough to cover the folded napkin. Tie a knot and the loose ends should be tucked at the end of the twine through the holes.

Need More DIY Splatter Decoration Ideas?

DIYs are always great if you want to make things interesting. Breakroom 405 is the best place you can get some amazing splatter paint party ideas for yourself. Visit us today!