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Rage Rooms Are in Rage! Know All About Them Here.

The iconic smashing scene from Sex Education is a powerful display of female rage and was an instant fan favorite. God knows we have all wanted to have a main character moment like that, didn’t we? Well, have you considered rage rooms? They help you to let go of emotions you can’t seem to ditch. Break rooms bring fun into the equation.
Here’s everything you should know about them.

okc rage room

So What Is Break Room Therapy?

Smash therapy has been gaining traction steadily for the past few years. It is based on the simple principle of people blowing off steam by being violent and smashing things to smithereens. Patrons get to channel that fiery energy into the environment without having to worry about consequences. You can let go without worrying about clean-up or destroying something important.

Do I Get To Bring My Friends?

Of course! Bring as many people as you like. Usually, only 2 people are allowed to go in one room but don’t worry. Partner into groups 2 and tag-team in and out. Breaking stuff is tiring, while your and your partner rest, the next pair goes in and you get to watch them through cameras and safety windows (trust us, watching an overworked Ashley absolutely beat an LCD to death is core memory stuff).

However, do note that we do not allow people younger than 12 on our premises. Minors aged 12-17 should also be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Wait, So I Get to Break Everything?

YES. You do. We offer a wide selection of items for a delectable breaking experience. You will have everything from plasma TVs to fax machines to beer bottles at your disposal. You are also welcome to bring items from your home. A frame of you and your cheating ex? You’re welcome. A printer that has never once worked properly in its life? We got you. Or maybe you want to recreate the fax machine scene from Office? BRING IT ON!

Our staff will review your smashable for safety purposes. We do not allow items like explosives, inflammable materials, tube TVs, etc.

Is There Any Special Gear I Need to Wear?

We will provide you with a PPE kit for protection. A PPE kit makes sure you don’t accidentally hurt yourself during your breaking spree.

Smash Therapy with Break Room 405, Oklahoma City

Head to our rage room in Oklahoma City and blow off some steam. Visit our website to book a slot. You can also buy gift cards for that particularly stressed friend of yours.