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Introverts Dealing with Frustration: 4 Surefire Tips

While extroverts and outspoken know what needs to be said and how to express personal thoughts, introverts always remain in a dilemma to even speak up their mind. Getting friends who can match their wavelengths can be struggle, especially in the workplace. If you are a corporate worker, colleagues can barely become friends- there can…

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How do the Anger Rooms work?

With the destruction therapy technique, you can release the anger too at the right time and place. Besides, rage rooms offer a safe as well as a fun environment for those who are suffering from anger, anxiety, depression, and stress. You can release these feelings without any hassle. How Does The Destruction Therapy Work? This…

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Why Your Next Weekend Hangout Should Be At A Rage Room?

There is a lot in the world to be angry about. The bone-grinding clutches of capitalism and the patriarchy that refuses to budge no matter how much you rage against it. Especially now more than ever, when people are still struggling to cope with the jarring cadence of life amidst the Covid pandemic, healthy stress…

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Check Out 3 Funny and Unique Ideas for Your Birthday

If you are an introvert and don’t like to organize any birthday party on your own, then there are many things you can do to specialize this day. Party planning indeed takes a lot of work like securing a venue, coordinating with caterers, choosing a theme and setting up decorations. If you want to celebrate…

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Is a Rage Room Good for Venting Your Anger

Destructive Therapy: Is a Rage Room Good for Venting Your Anger?

Don’t you ever feel like throwing and breaking things when you are angry? But you have to control your frustration and anger instead of venting it somewhere else. Everybody says that losing control of yourself does neither help you to deal with your negative emotions nor project you like a professional in your workplace or…

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All About Rage Room

Rage Rooms Are in Rage! Know All About Them Here.

The iconic smashing scene from Sex Education is a powerful display of female rage and was an instant fan favorite. God knows we have all wanted to have a main character moment like that, didn’t we? Well, have you considered rage rooms? They help you to let go of emotions you can’t seem to ditch.…

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Rage Room Facts

The Attraction of Rage Room- The Facts

We often share our feelings casually in our close friend circle. We may tell our friends that we can’t take it anymore, we are so frustrated, angry right now, feeling dizzy or don’t want to communicate with others or can’t relate ourselves with this world anymore or so on! Everybody laughs and tells funny things…

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Birthday Celebration Can Be More Fun Than You Can Imagine

Do you remember how you used to wait for your birthday to come when you were a kid? There is no denying that things were much easier then. But now, as you have grown older, planning your own birthday may seem a distant idea. Sometimes you do not even want to throw a party. You…

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Here is How You Can Make DIY Splatter Paint Decorations

If you want to have fun with some paint, nothing is better than DIY Splatter paint decoration. Well, the end result of it is definitely satisfying. All you need is a great outdoor space where the spaces are well protected since the paint can move everywhere. Moreover, if you are planning for great splatter party…

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Why Smash Rooms are a Great Way of Relieving Stress and Empowering Women

Rage is one of the tricky emotions since it is impossible to understand whether it is good or bad. Psychologists failed to prove whether rage has a moral answer. Through this process, people understand and change the responses using counseling as well as behavior modification. Experts have found out that anger is a harmful emotion…

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